Coming Together!

Things are coming together with getting Laken's Bears moving. I'm really excited on this project! I really can't express how excited that I am! It makes me feel great to be able to give back and know that it's all for a good cause. I love that I get to honor my daughter's name and other little ones names as well. We already have some sponsors for some bears and will soon be getting Laken's Bears out and about! All of you are amazing!

Right now, I am working with Jeremiah's mama Raquel at Hopping to a New Normal and the creator of Memory Butterflies. Such an amazing lady and friend! Raquel has been making memory boxes in honor of her son Jeremiah. She will be sending out her first batch of memory boxes in a couple of weeks and I'm happy to say that Laken's Bears will be a part of them!


  1. So amazing! :) I'm going to send a sponsor soon too. What a wonderful thing to do to honor your Laken. XO

  2. Thank you Maggie! I appreciate the help in becoming a sponsor <3

  3. I am so excited to help!! I think you are just as wonderful and am glad to have met you in this awful journey for both of us....

    Hugs your way!