Happy List

It's officially Saturday and since I can't sleep, I decided to make a happy list . I came across Natasha's blog My Angel Baby Aiden William and saw that she had started this Happy List Saturday catch and I thought it was a cute idea.

1.) He makes my heart do flips to see him with someone else's baby and especially our own. I can't wait to share that experience at least one more time

2.)Family read night at the school. Also happened to be the week of Dr. Seuss's Birthday. We had a great time!

3.) My Kentucky Wildcats! C-A-T-S CATS! CATS! CATS! Good luck during the SEC Tourny this weekend!

4.) The first of the Laken's Bears were sent out this week and it was an awesome feeling! Thanks to everybody for the support!

5.) Wii fun! I love watching my son do The Macarena LOL

6.) My furry baby Whiskers aka Mr. Whiskers. He's still recovering from surgery last Friday, poor guy

7.) Bittersweet, my little angel's 11 month angelversary. Sad, but beautiful to think about her celebrating with her angel friends in heaven

8.) I love when my babies are happy and this was the highlight of his day. So easy to please.

9.) The love of my life and he is working is tail off to make my dreams come true. Trying to get to that point has been like pushing a car up a hill and we're pushing it together.

10.) And that car is just about to make it over that that hill !!! Yekk!


  1. Love your list Melissa!! Love that your son is so easy to please! Great pic! Love your bears!! So glad other baby loss families are getting those little lovelies!! Yay for having awesome hubbies!!!! Thank you so much mama for sharing!

  2. Oh don't forget to add yourself to the McLinky so everyone can see your list :)

  3. Thanks Natasha! Just added myself to McLinky too :)

  4. Love your bears :)... looking forward to sharing every happy Saturday with you all :)) Happy Saturday to you xoxo

  5. Love your list!!! Hope you got some rest.

    Sending hugs your way!

  6. Thank you! Love you ladies lots <3

  7. Love your list. We had reading nite at school this past week too.
    Beautiful blog