Happy List

It's Saturday again, time for my Happy List! Before I list the things that make me happy this week and today I want to ask that everybody keep my mom and family in your prayers. She is battling breast cancer and chemo is really taking its toll on her. Please pray that she can stay strong.

1.) A beautiful sunny day. Although it brings back memories from last year, I can't deny that I'm glad to have such a pretty day.

2.) A very proud moment for this mama! My 12 year old daughter Paige won 2nd place in the county for a Soil Conservation art contest. There were 2,000 kids entered! I am so proud of her!

3.) I love seeing this father and daughter relationship. I never had a close and affectionate relationship with my dad. I know he loves me, but every girl needs to be a daddy's girl. These two are like two peas in a pod! She loves her daddy!

4.) Mr. Whiskers and his favorite place in the house, on top of my printer by the window. His favorite past time besides eating is looking out the window and turning my printer on and off with his paws. He had a blast today!

5.) A picture of the very first shipment of Laken's Bears in Jeremiah's Boxes. These pictures came with some awesome news from Jeremiah's mama. You can read about it on her Happy List here

6.) Saturday is gameday in this household, doesn't matter if it's basketball or football we're gameday ready! Today my Kentucky Wildcats made it to the sweet 16 in the NCAA tourny!

Woo hoo! Good luck to all the teams, but more so to my CATS :)


  1. What a great list & A BIG CONGRATS to your daughter. That's Awesome. I love sunny days too.
    Have a happy week !!

  2. Thank you Caroline, I hope you have a happy week too!

  3. Your mom is definately in my prayers. Hugs!!

  4. Thinking of your mum, you and your family... hope that her treatment is going OK and that you're all getting the support you need nearby too. Love Laken's Bears in Jeremiah's Boxes :)) xoxo

  5. Thank you for the prayers, I do believe they're working :)