Remembering Trenton James Weatherford

A big thank you to Trisha Weatherford for her donation of 5 Laken's Bears in memory of her angel Trenton James. Trenton was born January 5, 2010 and lived for 22 minutes before becoming a heavenly angel. Today Trenton is watching over his little brother Ian James due to arrive May 23rd! Thank you so much Trisha! We can't wait to meet little Ian! Trenton's teddy bears will be going to Natalie for Day of Hope in August in Daytona Florida. Thank you Trisha!

If you would like to sponsor a Laken's Bear or to help donate to Laken's Bears please click on our Paypal button or visit "sponsor a bear" for our address. Thank you to everybody who has participated in helping with our bears!


  1. awh...this brought tears to my sweet boy :)

  2. I'm glad you were pleased with Trenton's bears :). Thank you Trisha!

  3. I didn't even notice before...but the bears are heading to Daytona Beach....I grew up in Daytona. How fitting!