Memory Boxes by Susan and Debbie

On a last minute notice, I put together some mini teddy bears and pals for some memory boxes that Susan at Our Lives Changed Forever and Debbie at Recreating Me had made to drop off at a local hospital. They had found that this hospital did very little for mother's who lose babies. So Susan and Debbie decided to help by donating 5 memory boxes at a time. Helping was definitely not a problem for me! I made 10 plushes, 5 for girls and 5 for boys. Also adding some Angel Pennies to be sent her way. I was happy that I was able to help add something to her boxes. If anybody else would like to donate to Susan and Debbie for these memory boxes and help them out with future deliveries visit their blogs here


  1. I cannot thank you enough, Melissa!! I need to point out that I am not alone in this project. Debbie ( is/was actually the driving force behind the boxes!! :-)

  2. You're both welcome! I will definitely change that and update it :)