Portrait Drawings

I wanted to share a website and Facebook page of this wonderful lady that I met named Shandy. She is an incredible artist! I have been working with her for a few days now. She is doing a portrait drawing of all three of my children together. I know that I will never have one of all three of them together, so this was a wonderful thing for me. I told her about all the BLMs out there who may be interested in having a portrait done and if she would be willing to do some of stillborn children and she said she wouldn't turn anybody away!
If you would like to learn more and have Shandy do a portrait of your angel, children or even a family portrait contact her She has really great prices. She is really easy to work with and can help you decide on what type of portrait you may be looking for.

The first sketches of my son

I can't wait to share the whole portrait once it's finished.

Right now she has a contest going on so "Like" her page and leave a commet saying Melissa Johnson sent you :)

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