25 Days of Giveaways, Day 15!

I hope that everybody is enjoying this years giveaways so far! I know that I am! I am posting my giveaway a little bit early so that everybody has a chance to enter! First of all, I would like to say that I am honored and excited to have a chance at hosting my very first giveaway for the 25 Days of Giveaways for Christmas this year created by Tina at Living without Spohia and Ellie! Last year was my first year entering the giveaways and what a special experience that it was! Even though the holiday's were a sad time for our family being the first Christmas without our daughter Laken, it was special to see just how many women took the time to make it special for others. This year, I wanted to give back and be able to participate.
I know that a lot of the women that I have met and become friends with since becoming a baby loss parent associate their angel or angels with butterflies. That being said, I will be giving away this beautiful purple and teal threaded butterfly earring and necklace set. They are absolutely beautiful and unique! I'm jealous that I can't enter to giveaway myself!

All baby lost moms are more than welcome to enter! To enter is easy, all that you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what you associate your angel or angels with. Whether it's a color, butterflies, dragonflies, angels, etc. Also, leave your blog address so that If I don't already follow your blog, I can!

The winner will be chosen tomorrow on December 16th by randomorg.com in the order that each comment is received.
Good luck, enjoy, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


  1. Butterflies for both my babies. I often see two flying in tandem on my way to work. To me they are little messengers sent by Julia and Evan to tell me that they're ok. I can just see Julia telling Evan that they're going to send "a hello to Mama today!" as they peek out over the clouds and let the little creatures fly from their hands down to Earth.

  2. Whales and the Ocean is my baby Calypso. We named her after the sea. Calypso Paikea Rhyder. When she was alive I would sing songs to her like Heart of the Ocean. When she died part of my heart with her. We buried her ashes but half of them were scattered into the sea in New Zealand. Now my heart is the heart of the ocean

  3. Purple and stars for my Carleigh and yellow for Jordan.

    Purple and teal are my fav colors :)

  4. Aww, I love butterflies! So many things remind us of Dylan. Tigers, and the colors purple and gold.

    Thanks for the giveaway,
    Kat @ In Dylan's Memory

  5. Anything Winnie the Pooh reminds me of the my boys. I had decorated the nursery with Classic Pooh about a week before all hell broke loose...
    I'm www.awatchedbellynevergrows@wordpress.com

    Happy Holidays.

  6. Butterflies and baby blue remind me of my baby. After he passed he went to the butterfly room at the hospital.


  7. Hi Melissa. =) These are stunning! Butterflies remind me of Mikayla and birds remind me of Chase.

  8. Thanks for doing this! SO cool!
    Butterflies remind me of my girl. ;)


  9. Of course butterflies remind me of River, daisies are his birth flower, and anything blue or water-like...this is a beautiful giveaway. Thank you for participating.

    My blog is http://riverdaniel-foreverourangel.blogspot.com/

  10. I love this! Butterflies and purple remind us of our angel, Sydney.

    My blog is http://ourbutterflyandrainbow.blogspot.com.

  11. My daughter's name is Lily so I associate the flower Lily with her :)


  12. This is so pretty! Thank you for participating in the giveaways :) im sorry for your loss of Laken ... I always associate things in 3's for my triplet girls ... Butterflies mainly...big hugs xxxooo


  13. I love those! They are beautiful. I associate lambs and hearts with my daughter.

  14. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. Ladybugs reminds me of my son because I would tell him about them when I was pregnant. I also associate green and blue with him because those are the colors of ink they used when they made his foot and hand prints.

    My blog is www.thelakes-foreverafamily.blogspot.com

  15. I'm so sorry for your loss. Butterflies or dragonflies make me think of all babies gone too soon. Blue Starling Jays remind me of our baby George. Also St. George with the dragon since that saint is his name saint. I blog at www.busyhandsbc.blogspot.com . Your giveaway is beautiful. (((Hugs)))

  16. Hey you... Thank you for hosting this year! What a beautiful giveaway. As you probably already know, butterflies and chickadees are what I associate Kennedy with. <3

  17. What a pretty set:) The moon, giraffes, and dragonflies remind me of our son Sebastion...
    I blog (sometimes) at:
    Thanks for hosting:)

  18. Thank you for hosting a giveaway :) I associate my angel Roman with butterflies, i always see these cute white butterflies and i think it's my son giving me a sign hes with us, that he's ok! also recently Orbs, i saw them in my pictures for putting up the Christmas tree and i feel that was my son giving me a sign he's with us sharing that moment xx (i don't use my blog here but i have a FB account under the name Jessica Angel Mummy Craven) xx

  19. What a lovely giveaway & you are so sweet to host! As you know, pink & pink roses remind me of Meredith. xoxo

  20. Absolutely beautiful!

    Blue and butterflies here, also puppies.
    My blog, Live Art.fully: http://livelifeartfully.blogspot.com

  21. Angel's & Butterfly's make me think of my Angels the most :-) I miss them horrible this holiday season :-(

  22. I never knew holidays could be so hard on the heart. I love butterflies, my daughter has came to us many times as one :)

  23. Totally forgot to leave my blog address lol



  24. What do I associate with my angels? Lots of things!!

    Oscar: Blue, Giraffes, stars
    Bella: Pink, Giraffes, stars
    Tittle: Green, camo, hummingbirds, hearts, anything sneaky