A Little behind

I've been sooo behind on blogging these days. It's been hard keeping up with this blog, the website, along with other things, especially the home life. First off, Laken's Bears just passed a one year mark. Such a big achievement! February 28th made a year since we started this project! Sooo many times I had gotten disheartened and discouraged. I almost closed up the shop at least twice. I even blogged once about giving up on Laken's Bears because time was an issue and money. Donations weren't happening like I had hoped. I put so much of my own money into doing this, but in the end it has been so well worth it. There were times I couldn't afford to ship a package, but I wanted to make sure that that package got to people who really needed it and who were depending on me help heal their heart even if it were for a day. Again, it's been worth every minute and dime that I have put into it because it makes my heart smile knowing that something this small actually has been making a difference.

I've been stocking up on supplies and getting teddy bears sponsored with their cards. I've had so much support lately with donations and encouraging words from people. I can't even begin to tell you what it means to me. I love doing this, I love honoring my little girl, and I love getting to remember other angels as well. It warms my heart knowing that women will get these teddy bears and know that they're not alone, that we too have been there. They won't walk out of that hospital with an empty memory box, but with one filled with so much love from so many people! So much love go into making and filling those boxes.
I want to thank everybody who has been involved with Laken's Bears, I can't tell you how wonderful you are!

Even though, I've already started, here are my workshop pictures for this years teddy bear and Angel Penny donations for memory boxes all over.

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