Laken's Bears

April is getting closer and closer. I can not believe it will soon be a year since Laken came into the world and left us. 2010 kind of flew by, yet took its time in some ways. It's hard to believe that I will soon have a 1 year old angel in heaven.

I have spent months trying to come up with something that I could do to celebrate her first birthday. I wanted to do something special. Something that honored her and helped other parents as well. As much as I really dislike the hospital that Laken was born at, it is where she entered the world. I had contacted them over a month ago about making a donation, something in memory of her to help future parents who have to witness the horrible feeling of losing their little one. The lady from the hospital told me that she would be in contact with me to let me know something and I am still yet to hear from her a month later. How sad is that? I feel ignored and hurt by this hospital all over agian. Very diappointed!

After putting a ton of thought into it, my husband and I decided for her birthday on April 8th we will donate teddy bears to the one place that comforted us and made our daughter matter the most. That place is the funeral home that handled her service. I can not express how wonderful they were and are. I just know that they touched my heart in so many ways that I want to be able to give back.

My hope is to make this an annual donation to them every year for Laken's birthday. The idea is for these bears called Laken's Bears to be given to parents of lost children or even a sibling to the lost child for comfort. A donation of teddy bears can seem simple, but the healing power of a teddy bear can be amazing.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I can just imagine a parent going to the funeral home to sign papers and make decisions about their baby and being handed a teddy bear. It will make the whole experience just a little more bearable (no pun intended).

  2. Melissa- I love this idea! Please, please, please let me know how I can help! You are amazing. Laken is definately proud of you.

    By the way, I love the button you made for the memory butterflies.

  3. Thanks ladies. I agree Dana, I wish someone had done this when I had to go through the awful experience of making arrangements. It's something that I could have put with her or kept. Raquel, I meant to send you the button to use on your page for the time being. Sending you an e-mail now :)

  4. Melissa, I will be sending you a donation for Laken's Bears in honor of my Greyson. :) I have several things that I received from the hospital that I cherish with all my heart. A teddy bear would have been a wonderful thing to have. This is a wonderful idea!
    Casie Rentel
    St. Peters, MO

  5. Thank you Casie! Thinking of you and baby Greyson <3