Sponsoring A Teddy Bear

As I mentioned in the last post, I'm working on getting things in order to purchase new teddy bears to be given to grieving families of lost children to honor Laken on her first birthday. The more teddy bears purchased the more we're helping a sad parent or sibling through a difficult time, so the thought crossed my mind the more teddy bears the better, so why not have people sponsor them? $2 will buy a bear and it will be sponored by you and in memory of your loved one. Each bear that you sponsor will have a Laken's Bears tag that reads This Laken's Bear is sponsored by the family of _______ born _______. May this teddy bear bring you peace and comfort. You can sponsor as many as you like with the same name or different names. Example of the Laken's Bears and tags are below

If you would like to sponsor a Laken's Bear or bears in your loved ones name or names please send $2 for each bear with the name(s) and birthday (if you like) for each tag and your e-mail address to

Melissa Johnson
P.O. Box 169 McDowell, KY 41647

You will also recieve a certificate for your generosity



  1. this is awesome Melissa!! Is it possible to set up a paypal so we can sent money that way as well? just a thought.

  2. I've been working on it, but haven't had much luck since closing out my last Paypal account. I will keep you updated.