Giveaway Winners!

Good morning! Well today is the day! Friday! It has definitely been a week of waiting! I thought that I would do this first thing this morning since today will probably be a bit busy for me and I didn't want to keep everybody waiting. First off, I want to thank everybody who entered. I really have enjoyed reading your comments about your angels and special items that mean so much to you. I noticed that I asked the question, but didn't answer it myself. So, for me, I would say my most favorite item is the scrapbook that I have been working on for a year. I can't express how much love was put into it over the year with first holiday's and pictures/items from other BLMs. I started out thinking I wouldn't have enough things to make an actual scrapbook of Laken's first year, but after being almost finished it won't even close! It's something that I can open up on days that I miss her the most and there she is!
Enough about that though, time to get down to business! Time to announce two winners! Both winners were selected by And the winners are.........

The 1st music box winner is.. Matthew and Joshua's mommy Lauren at From Our Empty Cradle !

The 2nd music box winner is... Liam's mommy Becky at For the Love of Baby Liam !

Congratulations to you both! I hope you enjoy the music boxes! Please send me an e-mail with your mailing addresses :)


  1. That's awesome about the scrapbook. I've been trying to find the material to make scrapbooks for Matthew and Joshua, but I've been kind of picky about how I want them set up, lol. I'm sure your scrapbook turned out amazing! I'll send my mailing address to if that works. Thank you so much!

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

  3. Thank you so much! I emailed you my address earlier I hope you got it. I haven't got very far on my scrapbook for Liam, but once I do, it'll definitely be a favorite.

  4. You both are welcome, I hope you enjoy them!