Mikayla's Grace

These Laken's Bears and Angel Pennies are on their way to Mikayla's Grace organization in Wisconsin! Melissa and Mike Terrill are the parents of angel Mikayla Grace who was born premature at 24 weeks in June of 2010. Sweet angel Mikayla lived for 36 hours. Tiny footprints that are making such a big impact.

Melissa and Mike wanted to start this organization to keep their daughter's memory alive and to give back. Mikayla's Grace provides care packages for NICU parents during their stay at hosptials and angel boxes to keep mommy and daddy's from leaving the hospital empty handed.

If you would like to know more about Mikayla's Grace and how you can help, please visit Mikayla's Grace blog here or Facebook page here for a list of items in need. Every little bit helps!

Good luck with this beautiful love filled project Melissa and Mike!


  1. Thank you sooo much Melissa! I cannot say how happy we are to include Laken's legacy in our boxes!

  2. You're welcome Melissa! I hope to send more in the future. We were happy to be a part of Mikayla's memory!