My First Blog Award! Yay!

I just recently found out that I won my very first blog award! The Stylish Blogger Award from Mary from Addison's Wings. I didn't even know there were blog awards, but so so surprised and excited to receive it though! Thank you so much!

In receiving this award I have a few rules to follow so, lets get started!

1.) Link back to the person to gave you the award.

Mary from Addison's Wings, I started reading Mary's blogs and connecting with her when we both started working with each other with our organizations. Mary is the founder of On Her Wings, an organization that creates beautiful memory boxes in memory of her beautiful angel Addison Breann. She also makes adorble wax bears called Addie Bears which I plan on buying one in the near future!

2.) Tell 7 things about yourself

-I have been married to the love of my life and best friend for almost 12 years! He is such an amazing man!

-I have two amazing kids. Without them my life would surely be dull!

-I have a furry kid named Mr. Whiskers.

-As much as all of you can relate I can't express how much I miss my little Laken. July of last year I got my very first tattoo and of her footprints. My husband and I laugh when we look at them because she seemed to have had one of each of our feet. Her left footprint looks like my husbands foot and her right looks more like mine.

-When I'm stressed and annoyed I become a cleaning freak!

-Love doing things for other people. I'm more of a giver than a taker.

-My favorite television show is Dexter. Love me some Dexter!

3.) Award other bloggers.

The Stylish Blogger Award is to be awarded to 10-15 other bloggers. I will so my best not to pick some of the same bloggers, but definitely hard not to since we read some of the same blogs of some amazing women! If you don't see your name or blog here you were more than likely chosen by Mary also :)

Serita from One Perfect Rose

Lauren from From Our Empty Cradle

Brigette from The Rushworths

Becky from For The Love of Liam

Crystal from These Fragments, I Love

Dana from In Memory Of Jacob

Kara from Random Musings

Caroline from The Croley Gang

Danae from Our Journey To Bailey and Beyond

Megan from Wyatt's Whispers

Michelle from Sawyer's Heart

Debbie from For Your Tears

Shauna from Pin Wheels From Heaven

Jen from Lily's Mommy Forever

Jenni from Remembering Together

Butterflymom from On KK's Butterfly Wings

4.) Notify the winners!

If I haven't contacted you and you see your name and or blog name here feel free to grab The Stylish Blogger Award and repeat by following the same rules when you post it! Congratulations!

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