What's In A Name - Blog Hop

To celebrate her 80th post, Rachel from A Lasting Footprint is doing a Blog Hop of What is in a name? I thought that I would join in on this.

Laken Taylor

Even before I became pregnant with my 3rd child, I was always picking out names. I knew we would have a 3rd, but didn't know when. I admit the timing was a bit off, but we were still happy about going to have a little one around the house again.

As soon as I found out I pulled out all of my old baby name books and was going through them like crazy! Hubby is a hard man to please when it comes to picking out baby names together. It seemed like every name that I liked, he didn't. So, I decided to make a list of the ones I liked and have him choose the ones he like from my list. Needless to say it was short after he was finished with it, but the ones that he did pick from each gender I liked.

We knew that if we were having a boy the first name would be Owen and if we were having a girl the first name would possibly be Laken, but we had no picks for as middle name just yet. We thought we would have plenty of time to choose.

I had a few choices wrote down and he always laughed at me because I was always searching for a perfect name. Come to find out it was a good thing because little did we know our baby was planning on making an early appearance.

After she was born her daddy said he definitely wanted Laken so I had no argument about it. I said, but what would her middle name be? We were stuck on picking one out just right for her. I always liked the name Taylor and I thought it went well with Laken so there was her name that half daddy and half mommy picked out. It made it a lot more special having a name from each of us. To this day hubby will say, if we ever have another girl, I just don't think we can top the name

How about you? How did you choose your child(ren)'s name? What is the meaning of the your child(ren)'s name? Please share and link up here with me.


  1. I had never heard the name Laken until I met you, it is really pretty.
    I love Liam's name, Liam Maximilian means the greatest protector, and my husband and I feel we could never come up with as good of name for our future babies.

  2. What a beautiful name. I have always liked the name Taylor. Thank you for joining in the blog hop and sharing about your baby's name.

  3. Such a pretty and unique name! :)

  4. Becky - I love the name Liam too! it's so different.

    Rachel - Thank you and thank you for doing this blog hop, I enjoyed it!

    Lauren - Thank you and you know the name Lauren was a very close second to Laken. Love your name!

  5. Such a pretty name. I like something different but not too much. Very pretty.

  6. I'm always picking out names too. I love picking baby names!