Update On Bears

I want to update everybody who are waiting on bears and or Angel Pennies for their memory boxes/care packages or waiting on pictures for the bears that they have sponsored in their

angel(s) memory. We have some orders ready to be shipped out. As you can see, we're getting stacked up! Which is great news because we're still way ahead of schedule by over a month! Raquel at Jeremiah's Boxes is making Memory Butterflies (which are on their way and should arrive today or tomorrow) to go with each shipment and as soon as they arrive we will start mailing some packages :). As soon as the mailing starts up again we will start working on On Her Wings and more Project Sweet Peas! I also have 18 teddy bears sponsored thanks to some awesome people!

Also, big thank you to Shauna at Pin Wheels From Heaven for making Laken's Pin Wheel and pictures! Love them! Shauna, you're wonderful!

And finally! With lots of waiting and praying from his hundreds of aunts, fellow BLM Antoinette welcomed her rainbow baby Adrian Michael into the world yesterday! Congrats to her and her husband!


  1. Wow! Congrats on all that you are doing.

  2. Hey Melissa! Just wanted to let you know the lady at the post office said that it should hava arrived Monday (This week) so please let me know when you get them.

    Laken's pinwheel is adorable. I love Shauna's work!

    Sending hugs your way!

  3. Thanks Melissa <3

    That's what I thought too Raquel. Maybe It's just slow mail. I will definitely let you know when they get here! Lots of hugs back!