Donny's Shining Light

These teddy bears and angel pennies are being donated to Donny's Shining Light in Illinois. Donny's Shining Light is part of the Project Sweet Peas organization and was created by Theresa Wellman in memory of her beautiful son Donald Zeraihi Wellman born on March 30, 2006 and grew wings on April 6, 2006.
"Because of my experience in the NICU, helplessly watching my son, I am offering my help to others now. Whether they are faced with only days, or weeks, or months, being in the NICU is a stressful time. You don't know what is to happen from day to day. You surely aren't thinking of things you could use or things you need. All you care about is that baby and being with him/her. You are not thinking of the chances of your baby not making it and what you might want for him just in case. You are not thinking of saving up on every memory because it may be all you will have for a lifetime. I want to help other families who are faced with the uncertain future of being in the NICU with their baby. I want to give them what they need, what they want....even if they don't know they need or want these things. I want to offer my support. I hope in doing this I can also spread my son's life to other's and that he can inspire others to keep fighting." -Theresa Wellman.
If you would like to read more about Donny's Shining Light or would like find out how you can help visit their website here or facebook page here

Memory Butterflies donated by Raquel at Jeremiah's Boxes.

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