Portrait Drawing Raffle!

Okay ladies! First off, let me start by thanking all of you who voted to help us win a 9x12 graphite single subject drawing from Art by Shandy. I have already had the talented artist Shandy work with me for my portrait of my babies, so I want to give someone else a chance to work with Shandy and have a beautiful portrait of their choice. Shandy has agreed to work with the wonderful ladies in the baby loss community. She will work with you and update you with each step. She can add or take away from the picture. This is a chance to have a beautiful keepsake drawing of your angel.

Laken's Bears is doing a raffle until October 15th. Each raffle ticket is a $1.00 and each $1.00 that you donate to Laken's Bears enters your name into the raffle basket for a chance to win this 9x12 single subject portrait drawing. If you donate $2.00, your entered twice. If you donate $5.00, you're entered 5 times. So on and so forth.

Please consider supporting us and taking place in this raffle and donating to help get more teddy bears shipped to some of the Project Sweet Pea branches.

Visit here for some of Shandy's work.

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